Maybe There Are More Sexual Harassment Or Abuse Happens In Your Area Than You Think | Unheard & Unspoken

This may be an explicit topic to be discuss but has to be discussed. Let me ask you, how many sexual harassment have you heard happened in your neighborhood? Are you one of the victims?

If you search rape cases in your area how many of the victims were reporting their case? Did they got the justice they deserve? Or did they got mocked and being the talk of the town? It doesn’t matter if the victims are girls/boys, the victims are hardly get justice and the consequences that it’s gonna ruin their name and mental health are no doubt. That’s the biggest reason of why most victims prefer to leave it unspoken.

Flashback when I was a kid, I remember during puberty and my body starts to develop, I was so scared to wear anything “shorts” because I was being told that it is some way triggering or inviting. But even when I wore normal outfits (everything long) it doesn’t make any difference. There are a lot of times when the boys in school take the joke too far, they harassed the girls by their skirts or touching their private parts. I don’t know about you but this is the environment I grew in a small island.

I had discussion with several friends and we all experience such harassment as young as 10, 12, and also while being young adult around 18–22 years old. Ironic right? When young girls getting such an approach, they had no idea what’s going on and how to handle that kind of situation. Some of them got harassed by fellow students and some cases they got harassed by older people. You know what the saddest part is? There are a lot of cases that they are a victim of their own family members/close acquaintance.

The reasons why some of the victim won’t say a word about what they’ve been through are vary. The most common are to keep the “family name” clean. Other reason is that they are scared if they speak about it, people will treat them differently. Or maybe something bad will happen if the other person had more power.

Some of you who read this probably experienced this, that’s why you came to this article. I just want to say, please reach out to people that you can trust. If you lucky enough, tell your best friend or your closest one. One thing I know, if you keep it to yourself only it’s gonna messed up your mental health.

Another thing that makes victims of family members shutting their mouth is that if they tell their story, the perpetrator will get 3 punishment (punishment from the legal court, from community, and from their family). And the victims are pressure to kept it buried with their trauma.

Isn’t that funny? They didn’t think any of it when they decided to harass a person. Now all that left is the story that are left unspoken and unheard along with the trauma that they kept to themselves.

If just in case you’re a victim of your family member or close acquintance, you have the right to put your mental first and choose to remove that person in your life. If that’s make you chest a bit lighter, do it. Forgiving is one thing but keeping that person in your life is your choice.



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