Should We Follow Back Stranger on Instagram?

I’ve been on this platform for years and been on and off switching my accounts to public and private. Not gonna lie, when I hit rock bottom or mental breakdown I tend to switch it private or deactivate it for a while.

In my early years of using this platform, I was trying to do what ‘cool’ people did in there. It may quite different from you all but in the place I live almost everyone knows everyone and their friends (who I didn’t know personally but I know they are a friend of someone I know).

So during those time there’s a trend going that people just follow random person and expecting to follow them back. I wasn’t think it was weird back then, because I kinda knew the person who did that to me they are connected to someone I know.

But that time I was still in school and frequently interacted with those people in school. After graduate we kind of drifted apart and didn’t keep in touch. Same thing happened in University.

The difference is now I keep wondering why I feel obligated to following back people I don’t even know. For me personally I follow people who I know personally or feel inspired or people that has a nice vibe without expecting them to follow me back. I want to see people who I want to keep up with. If that’s sounds unpleasant, do we have to follow 1.21 billion people on that platform?

You don’t have the rights to tell people what you want them to do but you can control what you can do. I’m not an influencer or thinking I’m that cool to say all this but really I feel like it’s quite annoying that people say we’re so rude for not following back. It’s your choice to follow who you want to and don’t want to on instagram.

Don’t do something and expect someone to do the same thing for you. It’s called selfish. This actually not only applied to this topic but your daily life. Never expect anything in return. That’s how you’ll live your life more peaceful.

So is it a sin if you don’t follow certain people back? In my opinion not at all. Just do what feels right and more importantly do what makes you happy. If you feel like you don’t feel alright following certain people, don’t. You can’t make everyone happy but you can save yourself from being unhappy.

Thank you for reading my stories. I appreciate your time. Click here for more of my article or connect with me through instagram!



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